About Us

Message from Board of Directors

Ruangsak Supachanyawat

After graduated Bachelor degree in Civil engineering from Chulalongkorn University in 1981, I have been experiencing in cost estimation and project management in various types of projects. Learnt that key of success is to let everyone know their responsibility under the obvious roles and duties to break through the constraint of people and cost. “Engineering Plus unique style” of our people is what make us reputable and stay in the field proudly and sustainably.

Jarun Weerapongwattanakul
Managing Director

With determined intention to deliver the best construction projects to customers, we develop quality work process and apply technology for project management and people development in many aspects for the best and sustainable cooperation with our customers and partners.

Sawat Thilaruk
Board of Directors

Good attitude is small thing that make big difference in life. Work needs this also. I believe that people could do something good, first need to appreciate what they are going to do. Construction supervision is important for project as it reflects quality of construction. The company determine to develop standard of work for the best projects to customers.

Supakit Pethleam
Project Director

I learn from mistakes and problems, turn them into energy to drive myself better with responsibility, sincerity, and patience.

Rattanaporn Thumthong
Project Director

We may assume that any project is successful when the preferred quality, target plan and budget are met. Not so many people will ever notice that behind every success, there is an important roles managing all processes to run smoothly in a timely manner called construction management. ENPLUS ensures to provide professional CM team with guaranteed experience to serve clients.

Yureewan Nilsalub
Pre-construction Manager

All construction projects begin with process of our department to meet budget and construction plan of the owner. Our department is one piece of jigsaw of the company to deliver best quality of projects to customers. #Do what you love. Love what you do.

Chananrat Piluek
Accounting Manager

Follow company policy. Support team in all aspects for overall project full of quality. Take care as siblings. Pleased to cooperate.

Warakit Parlakawong
Pre-construction M&E

Our main objective is to protect customer benefit as we are trusted to be a representative to manage. So every piece of work we do have to be complete to minimize the problem that might occur in the future.